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Learning Workshops


Way2Go workshops help human service professionals, family members, and individuals address mobility challenges. Check for upcoming workshops in the events calendar to the right or request a workshop by contacting the Way2Go Team.

AARP Smart Driver 2 day Course

Become a smart driver and get an insurance discount! Way2Go partners with AARP to offer a two-day workshop open to people 16+ with tips on how to improve their safety and comfort behind the wheel and access the safety features of their vehicles. 

Aging, Driving, and Family Conversations

Talking early and often about driver safety with your elders is a good practice. Learn how to offer support at appropriate moments, for example, offering a ride home in bad weather or inquiring about car safety features, or knowing when to rise difficult concerns like whether it is time to retire from driving. 

CarFit Driver Safety

CarFit is an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit" them to enhance safety and mobility options.

Learn Ways to Get There

 These workshops help to inform groups about what transportation are availble in the area.

Resources for Human Service Professionals

Become more familiar with navigating the transportation system. This interactive workshop will provide you with tools to help your clients overcome transportation barriers.

Last updated May 26, 2023