The Transportfolio includes many useful resources.


Welcome to the Way2Go transportation service resource material Library! Way2Go materials are archived here along with other transportation resources. Find helpful information to meet a specific transportation need.

The following materials are available upon request. Contact Way2Go at to request a copy or stack of a specific transportation service brochure or resource material.  We also provide Transportfolios, a folder containing a copy of each available resource material to keep on-hand.

Way2Go Brochures 

We recommend the following materials for front lobbies or common locations.  You can help us to share transportation information by requesting a stack of one or more of the following Way2Go materials to make available for community members and clients who visit your location.

  • Way2Go Transportation Options brochure - poster spread brochure
  • Way2Go Medical Trips - single panel rack card
  • Way2Go & 211 Transportation Referral - quarter card

Mobility Service Brochures 

  • FISH brochure (Friends in Service Helping to provide trips to medical appointments)
  • Gadabout brochure (Paratransit)
  • Ithaca Carshare brochure (Member Options)
  • TCAT Transit Apps flyer (Where's my bus?)
  • TCAT Schedule Catalog (changes seasonally)
  • Ridesharing to School Activities brochure (For parents, caretakers, coordinators)
  • School Success Transportation Coalition brochure (For parents, caretakers, teachers, coaches)

Transportation Aide and Support

  • Back-Up Ride Home card (for those that walk, bike, carpool, and take transit)
  • Bike Walk Tompkins (active transportation advocacy and programming)
  • Catholic Charities brochure (TCAT passes for job seekers, newly employed)


  • Schuyler Transit Tompkins Connections sheet
  • Tompkins County Bike Map

(Materials are also available in Spanish and Chinese upon request).

Last updated March 2, 2021