BatchGeo Mapping

BatchGeo maps out potential ride-matches

Organizing Rideshare

Reduce fuel consumption and build a stronger sense of community by helping to facilitate ridesharing at your place of work, school, or organization. A rideshare coordinator connects drivers and riders and encourages a cultural shift toward shared rides.

Rideshare works best when drivers offer seats to people who are headed to the same destination or when riders can be picked up along the same route. Read on to learn about free apps that can help determine interest level and ride-match potential:

Setting Up a Rideshare Group

Refer to our sheet Organizing Rideshare Electronically to learn how to create a ‘Rideshare Interest Google Form’ for your group and how to ‘map’ potential rideshare matches within BatchGeo.

 The BatchGeo app can help:

  • Match potential drivers and ride seekers
  • Collect names and addresses using Google Form
  • Map potential ride matches in BatchGeo

Use the Guide to Ridesharing to Student Activities to learn more about connecting with coaches, parents, and students about carpooling. 

Use Ride Matching Apps and platforms

These free apps and online platforms have been developed to help people connect and schedule rides.

  • is free for small carpool groups and ideal for multi-family coordination.
  • is a free app for coordinating rides with potential group participants.
  • 511nyrideshare is a free network connects riders from the New York State regions. Enter your address to find nearby carpoolers.

Last updated August 1, 2023