Transportation Equity Needs Assessment

The Tompkins County Transportation Equity Coalition invites those that face obstacles in accessing transportation to share their needs and experience through a series of focus groups and a community survey.

Transportation Equity Needs Assessment Planning Group

The planning group of community members and CoalitionĀ  members have been working together with the evaluator Claire Stoscheck of Golden Aspen Consulting, LLC (Ithaca, NY) to create and give input on the focus group and survey questions. The input and involvement of the community are important for creating a meaningful way to engage and hear from unheard voices throughout the community and assist in giving context to the information gathered.

Focus Groups in September 2022

Diverse community members participated in focus group sessions to share their transportation needs and experiences in Tompkins County. A $50 gift card was rewarded to participants as a "Thank You" for sharing their time and energy. Thank you to all participants!

Community Survey in early 2023

A survey is under development to be shared with the community in the coming weeks. The survey results will help inform the coalition, partners, and policymakers about existing barriers and the needed community solutions to increase access to transportation. Thank you to everyone who has assisted with the development of the survey.

Last updated March 21, 2023