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Kenneth McLauren, for Way2Go True Cost page
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Exploring affordability of housing and transportation

Amanda Zerilli, True Cost Tompkins participant
Image by Cameron Cohen

True Cost Tompkins Participant

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True Cost Tompkins

True Cost Tompkins explores the combined housing and transportation costs of residents in Tompkins County. 12 Case Study stories highlight Four main strategies used by county residents to balance their combined housing and transportation costs.

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See the  locally calibrated tool for calculating housing affordability with transportation factored in. This tool, paired with case studies help to inform community leaders, organizers and decision makers on what it truly costs to live anywhere in Tompkins County.   

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Thank you to Tompkins County residents and organizers who were engaged in the True Cost  Tompkins interviews and discussions.

A project of Ithaca Carshare in partnership with Way2Go, Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Ithaca Tompkins County Transportation Council, Tompkins County planning and sustainability, Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit, Think Topography and Randall West.

NYSERDAThis project is supported by New York State Energy Research Development Authority(NYSERDA) and New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).


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