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Energy is one of those overlooked areas in small businesses that, while seemingly minor, can have a very significant long term effect on the bottom line. For about a year, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County and the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce partnered to publish a quarterly newsletter, "Commercial Energy Now" covered topics that aimed to help community members and their businesses to improve energy efficiency, identify programs and financing options, and maximize the business development potential that the energy efficiency market provides. The information is still relevant, so check out these past issues. For more information, contact Guillermo Metz at or 607-272-2292, x185.

FALL 2016, ISSUE 4 - includes "Heat Pumps: Efficient Savings on Energy Needs" by Guillermo Metz; "Ithaca 2030 District Update" by Peter Bardaglio; "Energy Task Force Update" by Jennifer Tavares;  and Renovus Solar Community Solar.

SUMMER 2016, ISSUE 3 [PDF] - includes "Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy" by Jennifer Tavares; "Holt Architects' New Office-Renovating to Net Zero"; "Harvesting Energy on the Farm" by Sara Culotta; "Tompkins County Goes Solar" by Kristina Wagner; and "Energy Roadmap Summary" by Cassandra Jenis.

SPRING 2016, ISSUE 2 [PDF] - includes "Instant Savings" for Small to Mid-Sized Commercial Buildings by Ken Schlather; Energize NY Finance Program; Commercial Solar Q&A with Melissa Kemp; Energy Upgrades Help Homeowners and the Environment by Jon Harrod; and Solar Financing and Incentives by Melissa Kemp.

WINTER 2015, ISSUE 1 [PDF] - includes Introduction by Ken Schlather and Jennifer Tavares; TC CEEC: Commercial Energy, Efficiency Collaborative by Karim Beers, Sara Culotta & David Moreland; Energy & Economic Development Task Force by Jennifer Tavares; The Ithaca 2030 District Emerges by Peter Bardaglio; The Future of Solar Energy by Cassandra Jenis; Energize NY & PACE Financing by Joe Mareane; Green Building Open House by Guillermo Metz; Upgrade Your Lighting & Save 70% by Ken Schlather; and Resources.

Last updated August 24, 2020