Image sequence showing how OptimizeEV charging works
Electric Vehicle charging with smart meter


What is OptimizEV?

OptimizEV is a pilot program NYSEG is running within the Energy Smart Community to learn how to make plug-in electric vehicle charging work best for both car owners and the electrical grid. Using an electric vehicle can be a great step towards reducing our fossil fuel consumption, especially if they are charged using renewable sources of electricity. Many plans for a fossil free future include widespread adoption of electric vehicles. One significant challenge is how charging electric vehicles impacts the electric grid. There is a large strain on the grid if everyone charges their cars at the same time. These significant peaks in demand are also more likely to be met with fossil fuel created electricity instead of renewable options.

NYSEG's OptimizEV pilot is testing new home chargers with a technology that will help lessen the strain on the grid. The technology being used in this pilot allows vehicle owners to set the time that they expect to need their car charged and then charges the vehicle in a way that works best for the grid. On days people are able to wait longer for their car to be charged they may receive a discount on the cost of that charge. At any time, participants can choose to charge their cars normally.

Who Can Sign Up?

NYSEG residential customers (Service Class 1), who own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle, and live within the Energy Smart Community smart meter upgrade area, and have a smart meter are eligible to participate in this pilot.

Where to Find More Information

To find out more check out this flyer, visit, and contact

Last updated October 8, 2019