Catalyst Renewables

Catalyst Renewables (e: is located in Syracuse (and has a corporate office in Dallas, TX as well), but is an owner and the operator of the Lyonsdale Biomass wood-fired CHP facility (p: 315-348-4204) in Lyonsdale, Lewis County. The 19-megawatt facility produces electricity that is delivered to the NY Independent System Operator and an average of several thousand pounds per hour steam flow to Burrows Paper Corporation. Being a CHP facility, the project extracts more usable energy from the wood than if they were to create heat or electricity alone.

When Catalyst Renewables acquired the Lyonsdale facility, they invested significant capital in order for the facility to operate reliably and efficiently. Catalyst also distributed almost $500,000 that had been owed to local loggers. The logging community has supported the project for many years.

Last updated June 14, 2018