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NYS CCE Farm to School Program

Visit the resources provided by CCE to find in depth tutorials about operating a Farm to School program in NY.  Join the Program Work Team to connect with other educators and school food service directors implementing programs in their NY districts. 

Check out their NYS Eligible Products Database

and their 30% Initiative Guidance

Visit their Getting Started page to find planning toolkits

NY Dept. Ag and Markets Farm to School

What is the "NY 30% Initiative"?

Under Chapter 56 of the NY State Laws of 2018, if a school food authority spends at least 30% of its school food lunch costs on New York State food products, then in the next school year they will receive additional State reimbursements for any school lunch meal. They can be reimbursed up to twenty-five cents for each school lunch meal.

Detailed information about the 30% Farm to School Initiative will be available soon on the Ag and Markets website. In Spring of 2022, reimbursement for NYS foods was moved from the Dept of Education to the Department of Ag and Markets.  We expect their site to be live by August to assist with submissions. 

Give us a call and we'll help get you started! 

Last updated September 3, 2022