Citizen Pruners

Citizen Pruners

Citizen Pruner volunteers help maintain street trees and shrubs in the City of Ithaca. Volunteers work once a week from May to October, side-by-side with a team of Cooperative Extension employees and City foresters, to maintain City street trees and trees and shrubs in Ithaca parks. 

Training is provided each Spring by university and local experts and covers: selecting and planting trees, urban trees, evaluating tree structure and needs, and pruning trees and shrubs. Classes are not required but encouraged for those who wish to volunteer.

Citizen Pruner Workdays will start in June! Contact Jeanne Grace ( to get workday information.

Annual training in April and May, but join any time!

If you would like to be a Citizen Pruner but have missed the training sessions, please reach out to City Forester Jeanne Grace at


Marissa Nolan
Horticulture Team Lead
607-272-2292 x194

Last updated May 26, 2023