Workplace Commuting

Way2Go works with employers to promote healthy commute options in Tompkins County, reducing employee stress around commutes and parking, while also reducing carbon emissions. Employers are providing a low-cost benefit to employees that:

  • Increases employee productivity
  • Attracts a more diverse workforce
  • Improves staff retention
  • Reduces commuting costs and
  • Saves money in taxes for employee parking

What's more, by supporting sustainable commuting alternatives, these businesses:

  • Enhance their organization's positive image
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Make it easier for customers to find parking
  • Become leaders in creating the new green economy

Successful Strategies for Employers

  1. Increase staff awareness of commuter options: Share information on available commute options during on-boarding orientation, at meetings, or through staff newsletters and other channels of communication.
  2. Assess employee needs through staff surveys and discussions on commute issues and the barriers employees face.
  3. Offer incentives such as bus passes or priority parking for those who carpool.
  4. Consider policy changes that support flexible work arrangements to make it possible for staff to walk, bike, catch a bus, carpool, or work remotely more often.
  5. Set up a process for checking in with staff along the way and consider what adjustments can be made for staff success and job retention.

Actions Employees Can Take

  • Come up with a plan for your own commute. Does public transportation serve your needs? Is ride sharing an option? Going multi-modal can often be the most affordable solution. This may mean catching a ride part way then taking a bus, biking or walking the rest of the way.
  • Initiate a conversation with your supervisor about how schedule adjustments would allow you to ride the bus, rideshare, bike or walk to work.
  • Encourage other employees to participate in local, county-wide, and regional commuter challenges, such as bike to work events and activities, or a workplace effort to promote commute alternatives.
  • Share commute information with your coworkers.

Way2Go Can Help You

  • Identify solutions for work commute needs.
  • Explore available technologies that facilitate trip planning and monitor progress.
  • Stay on top of the latest developments and changes in transportation options via our quarterly transportation updates.


Norma Gutierrez
Way2Go Communications Coordinator
(607) 272-2292 ext. 162

Last updated August 2, 2023