The Why and What

There are so many reasons to go local! We have created a list to encourage you to think about where you buy building materials. Localize yourself!

Promote the Local Economy: Locally owned businesses provide local jobs and contribute directly and indirectly to the local tax base.

Low Impact and Environmental Sustainability: Local manufacturing and stores have a much lower environmental impact than imported products. The reduction in transportation decreases greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Community Well-Being: An abundance of locally owned businesses promotes a vibrant center and creates strong relations between community members.

Local Decision-Making: By having local entrepreneurs and merchants, important decisions are kept on a community level.

Innovation: Local entrepreneurs can take advantage of the proximity to other related businesses to innovate in a way that is targeted toward the local demand.

Sense of Character: In an increasingly homogenized world, promoting local merchants and their wares helps preserve the unique character of our community.

What is local?
Depending on the community and the product, each person may have his or her own interpretation of what local really is. For the sake of the Local Building Materials Initiative we have compiled a list of qualifications that explain our vision of local.

- Production and corporate headquarters must be within a 100-mile radius of Ithaca, NY.

- At least 51% of the raw materials must be sourced from within 100 miles of the production site.

- The business owners, totaling at least 50% of the business ownership, must live within 50 miles of the production site.

Last updated July 26, 2019