Local Building Materials Initiative

The Local Building Materials Initiative (LBMI) is a joint program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County and the Ithaca Green Building Alliance. The greater Ithaca area has a wealth of resources when it comes to building materials -- from lumber to landscaping materials, from salvaged materials to stone -- get to know what's available locally. There are many definitions for what constitutes "local". For the purposes of this project, we will focus on businesses within 100 miles from downtown Ithaca.

This project is designed to promote the use of local building materials within the greater spectrum of sustainable development. There are many benefits to the local economy, the local community and the livelihoods of producers when products are manufactured and purchased locally. In addition to reducing environmental and transportation costs, buying local also keeps money circulating locally, which creates jobs both directly and indirectly and strengthens the local community.

Overall, the LBMI aims to enable both consumers and suppliers to be more responsive to their local environment. How are we doing it?

1) Directory and Interactive Map of local building material suppliers

2) Collaborations with local organizations and businesses

3) Education -- fact sheets, seminars and more!

4) Outreach -- tabling and displays at community events

5) Knowledgeable and connected specialists at your disposal!

The goal of this initiative is to foster a market for local building materials in order to benefit both aspects of the market -- supply and demand. By increasing awareness, we hope to increase the already present demand, and eventually encourage sustainable economic development. For this program to truly succeed, we need your feedback. Are there manufacturers that you know of who are not listed in the directory? What information or resources do you need to make greater use of locally produced building materials? What products are you looking for that are currently not being manufactured locally? Please take a minute to fill out ourĀ Stakeholder Survey, or contact us with your thoughts and feedback: gm52@cornell.edu or 607-272-2292. Thank you!

Last updated July 26, 2019