Danby RYS photo

Danby youth explore the woods with Primitive Pursuits

Rural Youth Services at Danby, summer 2019

Archaeological project summer 2019

Town of Danby

Danby Youth Program offers free after school and summer programs open to elementary and middles school aged youth of Tompkins County, with priority given to Danby Youth.. These programs are offered through a partnership between the Town of Danby and Rural Youth Services, 4-H of Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County

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For programs that take place outside it is vital that your child comes prepared with proper clothing for the afternoon. Students who are not prepared will be sent home. Please let Heidi Doggett know if you need help acquiring cold weather clothing.

Please note that programs are intended for youth grades 4-8. We understand that youth outside that age range may want to participate in programming. In order to be fair and to ensure that all youth have a good experience, we cannot accept youth outside the listed age range. Thank you for understanding.

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Heidi Doggett
Danby Rural Youth Services Program Manager
(607) 272-2292 ext. #137, voicemail #268

Last updated August 18, 2023