2000 Carey Farm

Dan Carey's great grandparents, Daniel and Mary Healey Carey, purchased the current Carey farm in 1899; the farm celebrated its 100th birthday in 1999. Daniel and Mary both passed away by the time their son, Daniel (Dan's Grandfather, born 1897), was 13. Daniel and his younger sister, Helen, were raised by Aunt Ellen Carey, who not only cared for the children but also kept the farm going until the 1920's. Daniel grew up to follow in his father's agricultural footsteps, serving as both New York State Commissioner of Agriculture and Assistant to the United States Sectretary of Agriculture under President Truman.

Dan's parents, D. James (Jim) and Mary, began a tradition of environmental stewardship on the farm, employing contour strip planting, subsurface drainage and diversions, short-term manure storage and a milk house waste water treatment system.

Jim and Mary raised eight children on the farm. Following his graduation from Morrisville and then Cornell in 1976, Daniel, their eldest and our host, returned to the farm. In 1978 he formed a partnership with his father and they worked the farm together. Farm ownership transferred from father to son gradually between 1986 and 1992.

Dan married Ann Hatfield, a Cayuga County dairy farm girl, in 1985. Today Dan and Ann operate this 620-acre, 180-cow farm with the able help of their four children, Andy, Ed, Megan and Eric. They continue the tradition of environmental stewardship and have added new measures such as intensive rotational grazing, a greenhouse-style calf barn, silage leachate control system, nutrient management system and above ground fuel tank protection.

Last updated June 25, 2015