2013 Farm City Day


SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 2013 - 11:00am-4:00PM
For the 16th Annual Farm City Day event, five different agricultural operations will open their doors to the public for the day. Come and learn about the great diversity of agriculture in Tompkins County at this FREE, family friendly event.


Farmer Ground Flour, LLC
240 Aiken Road, Enfield farmergroundflour.squarespace.com
Conventional wisdom was you couldn't grow good flour grains in this region-grain farmer Thor Oechsner and Miller Greg Mol have proved that wrong. Local bakeries, including Wide Awake, are using their flours, as are artisan bakeries in NYC. Visit the Mill and learn how grain is grown, harvested, and ground into flour-and check out the final product!Farmer Ground Flour began to grind flour in Trumansburg in 2008; they are committed to grinding local, organic grains. Part of the process they use includes trial and error with different kinds of grains to ultimately create a wide array of flours perfect for varying purposes. The Mill works closely with several organic organizations throughout New York State and recently became certified organic itself!

Glenwood Farms
1084 Glenwood Hts Road Trumansburg www.glenwoodfarms.com
Stop by and talk to three generations of the Reynolds family about the challenges and rewards of raising Bison. The herd currently numbers about 60, and watching these majestic creatures quietly graze will slow anyone's hectic pace. You won't be able to touch these animals, keep your eyes to the ground for small tufts of brown wooly fur they've been shedding. The Reynolds family descends from Dr. Richard Cornell Warren, who purchased this farm in the 1920s. In the '30s, the Glenwood Pines restaurant on Route 89 came into existence to help sell excess farm products. The farm was idle from 1960 until 2007 when the family completed a barn, corral, and fences and welcomed their first Bison to Glenwood Farms. The family now sells bison meat at local farmers' markets and through their CSA. They take pride in the healthy alternative to other meats that bison provides.

Indian Creek Farm
1408 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca indiancreekithaca.com
Of course, you can stop by Indian Creek anytime, but on this day you'll be able to learn about pruning or grafting (whatever owner Stephen Cummins and his crew are doing that day), and see the County Dairy Princess for a fruit and yogurt parfait. Plan a little time for picking some fruit, or just "pick" it up at the fruit stand! Indian Creek's first orchards were planted early in the 19th century, making it one of the oldest orchards in New York. After changing hands several times the farm fell into disrepair, until 1997 when Stephen Cummings took a chance and successfully brought it back to life. Today there are over 40 acres of orchards and fields for seasonal picking of fruits and vegetables. Visitors can also try the fresh pressed 'orchard ambrosia' during the apple season.

Laughing Goat Fiber Farm
1485 Mecklenburg Road Ithaca www.laughinggoatfiber.com
You may know there are meat goats and milk goats, but fiber goats? Come experience the softness of Lisa and Gary Ferguson's Cashmere and Angora goats, as well as Alpine goats and Alpacas. See spinning and shearing, take a walk along the pastures and check out the farm's fiber wares. Laughing Goat Fiber Farm raises fiber animals for the harvest of their exotic fibers. Once the fiber is harvested, Lisa Ferguson goes to the loom room to produce handcrafted, original products made from their own yarn. The yarns produced are also wonderful for your own use in weaving or knitting and can be purchased from the farm.

Wide Awake Bakery
4361 Buck Hill Road South, Trumansburg www.wideawakebakery.com
Who doesn't smile at the smell of baking bread? Stefan Senders and his crew return us to a time when bread making was an art, using a state-of-the-art, wood-fired oven based on a 100 year-old model. Come learn about the bakery and their work with Farmer Ground Flour. Wide Awake Bakery is a unique place, creating aromatic bread with excellent flavor and crust. Founded about two years ago, the bakery sells its bread through several local retailers and a breadshare through several CSAs. Wide Awake Bakery makes many varieties of bread from Ciabbata to Rye and have even tried it's hand at rolls, pasta, and cookies.

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