Become a Volunteer Driver

Due to CoViD19, some volunteer driver programs are not operating, or are providing limited services. Call or click on the contact links below to find out whether the organization is accepting new volunteers.

Giving one ride can make you a hero to one person. Whether it’s getting to an event at your child’s school or to a critical appointment, a ride at the right time means a lot. Volunteer drivers support those who face gaps in our transportation system. Continue on to learn more about the various programs that depend on volunteer drivers.

What it Means to Be a Volunteer Driver

It’s more than a ride, it’s a gift. You can drive as little or much as fits your schedule, and drive for the organization of your choosing: you get to decide when where, and how often you drive. You will make a difference in someone’s life and you might even make a new friend.

Make a Huge Difference Without a Huge Commitment of Time

Interested in offering some of your time to become a volunteer driver? We encourage you to reach out to the organization directly to sign up. They can address questions specific to their program.

These organizations need drivers to adequately help the populations they serve:

  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) volunteer drivers drive DAV vans, in an effort to ensure that any veteran can make their appointments, and never go without the treatment they need. Call Edward at 315-425-4343.
  • Friends in Service Helping (FISH) volunteer drivers provide rides to Tompkins County residents in need of medical and health related services. FISH primarily serves elderly residents who no longer drive, and those who have limited access to transportation. 
    Contact Nicole
  • Gadabout provides transportation services, using lift-equipped vehicles, to the elderly and disabled residents of Tompkins County. Gadabout employs some paid drivers, but volunteer drivers play a vital role in Gadabout’s operations. Contact Kristin
  • Love Living at Home volunteer drivers offer door to door rides to members anywhere in Tompkins County. Contact Cheryl
  • Red School Rides volunteer drivers provide rides for families and caregivers to Ithaca City School District school events and meetings. Contact Carrie
  • Enfield Community Rideshare provides rides to and from the Enfield Food Pantry. Contact Joanna


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Way2Go Communications Coordinator
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Last updated March 20, 2023