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Additional incentives for Lansing residents interested in upgrading their home to electric

Lansing Non-Pipes Alternatives

NYSEG's Non-Pipes Alternatives (NPA) Program was developed to help resolve gas reliability issues and support the energy needs of Lansing residents and businesses. Seeking cost-effective, market-based solutions with high potential for acceptance, NYSEG selected a portfolio of seven NPA projects (two have since dropped out) that support Lansing residents and businesses to reduce gas use and convert from gas to beneficial electrification of their buildings through conversion to heat pumps. This is a completely voluntary program that offers additional incentives—on top of those available to everyone statewide—for Lansing (and nearby) residents and business owners interested in making the upgrade

The suite of NPA projects is expected to improve the low-pressure situation by supporting interested Lansing residents and businesses to make the conversion to electric space and water heating and cooking, thereby decreasing the demand for gas and restoring safe pressure levels to the pipeline.

Ultimately, the success of the NPA program translates to saving millions of dollars by avoiding the construction of a larger pipeline and, additionally, showcases Lansing as a leader in the global transition away from fossil fuels. The focus of the NPA incentive is to support residents and business owners who want to convert their heating systems to heat pumps, which efficiently provide both space heating and cooling through the same equipment. 

The map on the left illustrates the zones within which homes and business are eligible for the additional Lansing NPA incentives. Please note, people near Lansing (in Zone 2 and 3) are eligible for 40% and 10%, respectively, of the offered Lansing NPA incentive!

The sample proposal to the left demonstrates how the available incentives and rebates are stackable and can reduce overall costs by up to 75%!

Earth Sensitive Solutions is leading a community campaign to provide free home energy assessments and connect homeowners with partner contractors to reduce energy use through home improvements such as additional insulation, air-sealing, and conversion to heat pumps.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Siobhan Hull, NPA Program Community Educator, at or 607-272-2292 x192, or visit Earth Sensitive Solutions at

Last updated June 6, 2024