Solar Panels on top of Taitem Engineering, Ithaca NY

Solar panels on the roof of Taitem Engineering in Ithaca, NY.

Large Commercial Solar Energy

Who are large commercial customers?

Large commercial customers include PV solar panel systems over 200 kW.

Why go solar?

The installation of a solar panel system will:

  • reduce your emission of greenhouse gases
  • lessen your dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, which are subject to price fluctuations
  • lead to long-term financial savings
  • increase the property value of your business (see Energy Conservation Improvements Property Tax Exemption under incentives to learn more)
  • lead to marketing and public relation benefits for non-profits, small businesses, and large commercial customers

What incentives are available?

Large commercial customers are eligible to receive performance-based credits through NY-Sun, but the credit amount decreases as NYS solar goals are met. Here is a list of federal incentives that are currently available:

What are my options for financing?

The Energize NY Commercial Program helps commercial properties make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to buildings. Visit this link to learn more. 

Last updated July 26, 2019