Contact Elected Officials

Hydrilla can be eradicated if there is continued community support and the money necessary to fund herbicide and outreach for 3 years beyond which the last hydrilla is found in Cayuga Inlet.

Local and state elected officials have been very supportive to date, and your voice can let them know that support should continue, especially during these periods of tight budget constraints. The direct costs of eradication are estimated to be between $500,000-600,000 annually toward herbicide treatments, monitoring, sampling, education and outreach. Additional contributions valued at approximately $200,000 come from existing city, county, state, and not-for-profit staff services. The Cayuga Inlet Hydrilla Eradication Project is anticipated to extend until 2020 to ensure full and successful eradication.

The Hydrilla Task Force of the Cayuga Lake Watershed has examined all the information they can find on monoecious hydrilla, and it has been concluded that a full-blown hydrilla infestation would be both ecologically and economically catastrophic for the entire region.

Read about the economic implications and a letter to Barbara Lifton  that was shared with the Hydrilla Task Force in 2011. After reviewing this information, please consider contacting your elected officials to share your concerns.

How to Contact Local Elected Officials

If you wish to contact your local elected officials to request their attention regarding hydrilla, invasive species spread prevention, or local and statewide invasive species legislation and initiatives, please visit the Tompkins County Directory of Elected Officials (scroll down to get to the directory)

Last updated July 26, 2019