EV Myths and Facts

Figure 1: Myths can significantly influence our perception on EVs (Image by stalkerstudent, VectorStock)

Transitioning to an EV is not easy. Like many things new and unfamiliar, it can be scary switching to EVs because of we are unsure of where we can charge the vehicle, its resale value, whether there is roadside assistance, or if our mechanic can help maintain it. Additionally, EVs can be overwhelming and confusing because the rapid technological innovations. Worsening this fear are myths around EVs.

EV myths arise due to misinformation, spread intentionally or unintentially. Below is a curated list of resources aimed at addressing EV myths to help you learn about EVs from neutral and reliable sources of information. 

  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that awareness of EV charging stations made it more likely that people viewed EVs positively and to consider buying them. Plugshare is useful for finding charging stations in your locality.

Last updated February 2, 2022