Florida spends millions each year to clear boat channels through dense hydrilla infestations.

Economic Impacts of Hydrilla

Hydrilla poses serious threats to the economies of communities surrounding infested bodies of water. Hydrilla can reduce water flow in canals and ditches up to 85% and can clog or damage dams, power plants, and other water control structures. Hydrilla's negative effect on fish populations can also adversely affect anglers and fishermen, and heavy infestations interfere with boating and swimming, as the plant increases risk of drowning. All of these factors can decrease the value of lake shore properties, and therefore tax revenue in affected areas, leading to a decline in the economy.

—What if hydrilla is allowed to spread uncontrolled to Cayuga Lake, the Finger Lakes & Great Lakes?

Based on experience in Florida and South Carolina, expect NYS to pay $10,000,000+ per year in perpetuity.   Plus millions in last tax revenue from reduced property and sales taxes.  Read about economic impacts projected for Cayuga Inlet and Ithaca area.

Last updated June 7, 2017