Ridenour Garden

There should be dozens of blooms of the elegant lotus flower open for viewing.

Ridenour Garden

Ridenour Garden is filled with perennials and garden art.

Shady perennial gardens

Shady perennial garden

Perennials and lotus flowers

Perennial borders in bloom by the lotus pond

Perennial garden

Perennial garden overlooking the lotus pond

Ridenour Lotus Garden

The highlight of the gardens behind this house is a large lotus pond nestled behind several gardens filled with a variety of annuals and perennials. There should be more than thirty blooms of the elegant lotus flower open for viewing. Look for the copper and cement sculptures distributed throughout the gardens. Before you leave, take time to visit Lotus Studios on the property to view photographic interpretations of the lotus and other flowers, as well as scenes from travels and Cornell University.

NOTE: This garden was featured on an Open Days Garden Tour and is not open to the public at other times.

Last updated October 15, 2022