Contact Name: David Bosworth, 
Address: 349 Midline Road, Freeville

349 Midline Road, Freeville

Contact Name: Marina Gershon
Address: 700 North Wood Road, Freeville, NY 13068

700 North Wood Road, Freeville - the Dacha Crew

Sunday 2011 Sites

These sites will be open for public tours from 10am - 4pm Sunday, October 2, 2011 only. Please do not visit apart from this time.


  • 349 Midline Road
    Daylighting, Energy Star-rated, Energy Star appliances, FSC-certified wood, and much more!
  • 700 North Wood Road -- the Dacha Crew
    Local materials; reclaimed/salvaged materials; passive solar; radiant floor; solar hot water; non-toxic finishes/products; earth sheltered, and much more!


  • 110 Delaware Avenue
    Timber-framed pergola with photovoltaics on roof; solar thermal vacuum tubes on house; permaculture garden, and much more!
  • 83 Maplewood Road
    Old garage rebuilt (with the salvaged lumber) as a writer's studio, featuring a timber-framed porch, local and reclaimed materials, natural clay plasters and natural finishes.

Slaterville Springs


  • 196 Creamery Road
    Timberframe, high efficiency, European triple-paned windows, SIPs walls and roof, ICF foundation, and much more!


  • 30 Durfee Hill Road
    Super insulated with extra thick walls, wood heated, solar oriented for passive solar gain, and much more!


  • 6301 Searsburg Road
    Timberframe, strawbale construction, Energy Star rated, compact design, daylighting, on-demand hot water, passive solar, and much more!
  • 8000 Searsburg Road
    Masonry heater, recycled and local lumber


  • 4097 Hickok Road
    Hybrid timber frame/double stud wall house, with 18" thick cathedral ceiling, dense pack cellulose insulation, local air-dried lumber, and much more!

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