Dave Hall (right) at hike, 2014, Dryden & Enfield programs; Rural Youth Services

Dave Hall (right) leads programs year-round for Dryden area middle school youth.

Trumansburg Afterschool program RYS/Rural Youth Services

Outdoor skills, Trumansburg/Ulysses RYS Program

Joint Youth Commission - Boynton; Rural Youth Services

After-school cooking class at Boynton Middle School through JYC

RYS During Covid 19

Our Rural Youth Services educators normally spend their time providing free in-person enrichment programs for youth in the schools. Due to closures associated with Covid 19 this spring, the activities that they had planned to offer in-person at middle schools in Dryden, Freeville, Ithaca, Groton, Lansing and Trumansburg school districts were redesigned and delivered online via Zoom.

On July 13th, free summer RYS programs begin, with the initial three weeks of planned activities to include nature programs, photography, hiking, a craft program, and a cardboard boat competition. Program descriptions are below; please note that programs have different start  dates and lengths.

A new format for these programs will combine online and in-person sessions. 

To help ensure the safety of participants, a parent or guardian must complete a permission form for each program.

More details on the links below:

Melis –  Danby Youth Services

Dave -  Dryden Youth Services

Eric - Enfield Youth Services

Nick - Groton Youth Services

Beth -  Joint Youth Commission Youth Services

Travis -  Lansing Youth Services

Ethan - Trumansburg –Ulysses Youth Services


Shelley Lester
Rural Youth Services Coordinator
(607) 272-2292 ext. 141

Last updated October 16, 2020