seed packages located at CCE Tompkins building

Seeds behind the grey pillar of the CCETC building, facing Rt. 13

Corona Victory Garden Seeds


Under normal circumstances, this is the time of year when we'd be inviting people to come to our Education Center and visit our Free Seed Cabinets to pick out free seed packets donated to us from various seed companies, to start for your flower and vegetable gardens. Since this is not possible due to the coronavirus, CCE-Tompkins has created FREE Corona Victory Garden Seed Bundles for gardeners in Tompkins County that have been packaged for pickup at CCE-Tompkins Education Center, 615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca NY.

Preparation & Safety Concerns: 

The seed bundles themselves were handled in ways designed to minimize spread of coronavirus. The seed packets came from reserve bins that have not been handled by the public. All surfaces in the room where the bundles were packed were disinfected, and the people who handled the packets washed their hands thoroughly and used hand sanitizer frequently throughout the bundling process.


Each Victory Bundle contains 10 packets of assorted veggies and flowers, placed in paper bags. All bags are the same.The prepared bundles have been put into self-serve boxes outside at 615 Willow Ave, located on the Rte. 13 side of the building just behind the large gray pillar (see Photo below) . For everyone’s safety and security, please take just one bag, unless you specifically have been asked to pick up a bag for someone else and do not handle any other bag.

Reading Your Seed Packets: 

There are several websites that can help beginning gardeners who are unfamiliar with seed packet information and instructions. Visit or or contact our trained Master Gardener Volunteers at our Growline with any additional questions at .

For Housing Complex Residents:

CCE-Tompkins staff also will deliver seeds to various subsidized housing locations and apartment complexes for residents of those communities. For more information, contact Jennie Cramer, Horticulture Program Manager,

Online Gardening Classes: 

CCE-Tompkins will offer remote gardening classes that have sliding scale pricing including a Corona Virus Solidarity option that is free for all those who cannot pay at this time. Visit our website at for class listings, follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to the Garden Post e-newsletter for more information.

Last updated December 1, 2022