Produce at Greenstar Market in Ithaca, NY (Cornell University Photography)
Image by Lindsay France

turnips & leeks

Winter CSAs

The weather has gotten cooler but many farms and kitchens still offer locally grown and prepared products. You can get a share of this delicious cool-weather bounty by signing up for a local Winter CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a cooperative relationship between a farmer and consumers; consumers commit to buying a crop "share" and growers commit to growing fresh, quality produce during the growing season.

  • CSA benefits consumers by providing fresh, quality produce during the growing season, the opportunity to connect with the farm, and a sense of community from cooperative work, shared responsibility, and keeping food dollars in the local economy
  • CSA benefits farmers by providing funds to make pre-season purchases and a known market in advance of the growing season. Farmers can plan more accurately and concentrate on farming.
  • CSA benefits the Earth by supporting farmers that employ sustainable agricultural practices and minimizing waste by avoiding overproduction and reducing packaging and transportation.

2020-2021 Winter CSAs

Summer CSAs for 2020 are finished for the season.  We thank all of you who participated in a CSA this year. Your support of local farms keeps our regional agriculture thriving and ensures your plates are full all winter long.

Our list of participating farms with Winter CSAs is updated in the document in the left sidebar. If you are interested in a summer CSA for the 2021 growing year (usually May/June through October/November, depending on the farm), please see our CSA page.

Last updated November 30, 2020