Social Determinants of Childhood Food Security Map

Social Determinants of Childhood Food Security Map

Social Determinants of Childhood Food Security Map

What does "Social Determinants of Childhood Food Security" mean?

Scientists have come to understand that our health depends on our family, friends, homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces rather than just our doctors’ care. They call this idea the “Social Determinants of Health.”

We believe that the food our children eat depends on the exact same things--where we live, learn, work, and play. We want to explore how this works in our community, and that’s why we’re calling this map the “Social Determinants of Childhood Food Security.”

How do you use this map?

Over the last year, people in TC have shared a lot of information around what is working, or not, related to our "food systems," meaning, who has access to what types of food, and when. The map shares some of what we’ve been hearing, with questions for you to help us learn more.

Every tab of the map starts with a big question, and includes some information that we think is important to answer it. When you click on the buttons in the map, that information pops up. You can click on the arrows on the bottom to move between tabs and get to another question.

We want the answers to all the big questions to be “Yes!” for every family in Tompkins County, but we know we’re not there yet. You’re the expert on your family--if you want to share your experience with us, please use the comment box below the map.


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Grace Parker Zielinski
Community Health Coordinator
(607) 272-2292

Last updated August 18, 2023