Alternatives Federal Credit Union
Image by Chrys Gardener

AFCU, 2018 Award for a Business.

The Danby  Gathery, winner of the 2018 Community Beautification Award for Placemaking.
Image by Chrys Gardener

Danby Gathery, 2018 Award for Placemaking.

Ithaca Children's Garden, winner of the 2018 Community Beautification Award for a Not-for-Profit or Civic Association
Image by Chrys Gardener

Ithaca Children's Garden, 2018 Award for a Not-for-Profit.

The 2018 Community Beautification Award for a Residence was presented to Neil Golder for his property at 203 College Ave.
Image by Chrys Gardener

203 College Ave., 2018 Award for a Residence.

The 2018 Community Beautification Award for a Home Business was presented to the Salmon Pottery Gallery.
Image by Chrys Gardener

Salmon Pottery Gallery, 2018 Award for a Home Business.

2018 Beautification Awards

The 2018 Community Beautification Award for a Business was presented to Alternatives Federal Credit Union on Route 13 South in downtown Ithaca and its landscaping provider, Kaleidescape. The flower plantings around their building and along Route 13 add a bright spark of color to this busy traffic corridor. The rock gardens on both corners of Seneca Street and Route 13 use native shale interplanted with perennials and add interest to this busy intersection.

Runners up in the business category were the Jewelbox on Route 89, Ithaca and the Finger Lakes Boating Center on Old Taughannock Boulevard.

The 2018 Community Beautification Award for a Not-for-Profit was presented to Ithaca Children’s Garden. From the giant turtle at the south end to the bulb labyrinth at the north end, Ithaca Children’s Garden helps beautify this section of Route 89 while providing a safe and stimulating place for children and their families to explore nature. Additionally, the attractive signage at the garden entrance makes it easy for visitors to find the garden.

Runners up in the not-for-profit category were the Southworth Library in Dryden, and the entrance gardens to Stewart Park, designed and planted by the Ithaca Garden Club.

The 2018 Community Beautification Award for Placemaking was presented to Nancy Medsker, designer of the renovation of the Danby Gathery on Route 96B in Danby. This property has been an eyesore since the previous business there closed.The renovations of the building, along with a new patio and landscape plantings, have made a dramatic difference to this well-traveled route. The patio, fence and plantings were installed by GreenScene Lawn & Garden.

Runners up in the not-for-profit category were the Ithaca Art Bike Racks, the plaza at the Schwartz Performing Arts Center in Collegetown, and the entrance to Montgomery Park on Main Street in Dryden.

The 2018 Community  Beautification Award for a Residence was presented to Neil Golder. Neil’s property at 203 College Avenue includes a dramatic front garden sloping down to the sidewalk. The plantings include ornamental grasses and perennials with a variety of foliage colors and textures, and are a welcome spot of beauty in Collegetown.

Runners-up in the residence category were properties at 124 West Main Street, Dryden and 15 South Street, Dryden.

The 2018 Community Beautification Award for a Home Business was presented to Mary Ellen Salmon and sculptor Jay Seaman for the property at 79 East Main Street, Trumansburg. The colorfully painted house is the home of Mary Ellen as well as her business, the Salmon Pottery Gallery. The front yard contains eye-popping sculptures by Jay and includes giant flowers and a dinosaur skeleton crafted from metal, all surrounded by landscape plantings. It’s hard to miss this unique property when you are driving into the village of Trumansburg!

Last updated February 7, 2024