Community Garden

Learn to become Gardens 4 Humanity educators and garden leaders!

G4H Training Topics

Gardens 4 Humanity Educators Training participants will gain experience in all or some of the following topics:

Teaching Effectively

  • Effectively working with kids in an outdoor setting
  • Implementing age appropriate garden related curriculum
  • Engaging adults in a school garden project
  • Resources
  • Integrating the schoolyard greening project into the classroom
  • Engaging the kids
  • Activities to bring inside (cooking, food preservation, drying herbs, leaf prints, photo documentation, sprouts, seed saving, garden planning, seed catalogs, vermicomposting)

Garden Skills (some covered in training, others in optional classes)

  • Tool safety
  • Rain gardens
  • Plant ID: What's a veggie and what's a weed
  • Butterfly gardens
  • Invasive plants/weed control
  • Perennial edibles
  • Permaculture
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Mulching and Sheet mulching
  • Watering, Water Conservation and rainwater collection
  • Soil & Composting, Soil Contamination
  • Edible gardening basics:
  • Preparing an area for a garden
  • Propagation: Seed starting, division and cuttings
  • Raised beds, square foot gardening, container gardening
  • What to plant, when and where
  • Preparing beds for the winter: cover crops, mulch and compost
  • Spring and Fall Planting/ crop selection
  • Pests and diseases
  • Fertilizers and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Season Extension
  • Community Food Security: an overview of local and national models
  • Organizing new gardens and garden based education in your neighborhood

Last updated April 8, 2015