Circular straw-bale and timberframe constructed home of Deborah and Joanne Cipolla-Dennis, in Freeville NY - participant on the Ithaca Green Building Open House Tour.
Image by Sandy Repp

Straw bale round house at 964 West Dryden Road, Freeville

Saturday 2013 Sites

These sites will be open for public tours from 10:00am - 4:00pm SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 ONLY. Please do not visit at any other time. NOTE: Ecovillage will have guided tours at noon and 2pm ONLY. Click on the address to go to the site's page, with more information and photos.

6301 Searsburg Rd., Trumansburg
Timberframe, straw-bale construction, Energy Star-rated, compact design, daylighting, on-demand hot water, passive solar, and much more.

6200 Deer Run Lane, Trumansburg
Timber frame, straw bale with grid-tied solar, salvaged hardwood flooring, efficient “under-cabinet” refrigerator and induction stove; older wind turbine and off-grid barn with PV on site.

Ecovillage - Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca
Guided tours at noon and 2pm of the third cohousing neighborhood (TREE), still under construction, built using Passive House principles, and more.

131 Holly Creek Lane, Ithaca
Super energy-efficient town homes. LEED, Energy Star, and EPA Indoor AirPlus certified. Low VOC paints and adhesives, triple-pane windows, and much more.

135 Muzzy Road, Danby
LEED certified, passive solar design with Trombe wall, grey water and rainwater catchment systems, non-toxic finishes, heat-recovery ventilation, and more.

30 Durfee Hill Road, Danby
Very small (700 total sq ft) super-insulated home with heat-sink slab, extensive use of local materials.

30 Marsh Road, Danby
Passive and active solar (hot water, PV coming), SIPs, super-insulated, triple-pane windows, air-source heat pumps, local materials, reclaimed stone, clay finishes.

110 Delaware Avenue, Ithaca
Timber-framed solar pergola / carport for charging an electric vehicle, house has solar thermal, a full permaculture garden with rainwater catchment system, and more.

964 West Dryden Road, Freeville
Straw bale, timberframed round house, non-toxic and low-VOC products and finishes, extensive use of local (and from-site) lumber and salvaged materials, concrete counters, cork and concrete floors.

47 Farm Pond Circle, Freeville
First completed home in new sustainable development. Tight and well-insulated with double-stud construction, solar hot water, sand-filled concrete chimney (for heating & cooling), non-toxic finishes and local materials

112 Lansingville Road, Lansing
Earth-sheltered, straw bale, timber-framed, passive solar, with Trombe wall, site-sourced wood, rammed-earth tire root cellar, living roof, solar on-demand hot water and PV, and much more

Last updated September 28, 2015