Contact Name(s): Mimi Mehaffey & Jon Yates
Address: 115 Enfield Center Road West, Ithaca

115 Enfield Center Road West, Enfield

Sunday 2013 Sites

These sites will be open for public tours from 10:00am - 4:00pm SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 ONLY. Please do not visit at any other time. Click on the address to go to the site's page for more information and photos.

Coakley Tiny House, 3285 Jacksonville Road, Trumansburg
This tiny residence is a mere 176 square feet with two lofts for sleeping space. Built on a trailer, it will allow the owner (who is a farmer) to quickly set up her home wherever she buys land. "Tiny" is being constructed by students of Double Dog Timberworks Carpentry for Women courses. Note: This was a last-minute addition, and does not appear on the map or brochure.

115 Enfield Center Road West, Enfield
Passive and active solar (PV and home-made hot water system), earthen tubed ventilation, salvaged materials, cord wood exterior, non-toxic finishes/products.

71 Enfield Center Road, Enfield
Durisol foundation and first level walls, double-stud second-story, timber frame of site-sourced oak, non-toxic and natural interior plasters and finishes, triple-pane wood windows, Solatube, masonry heater, solar hot water and PV, wind turbine.

192 Griffin Road, Newfield
Double stud construction, local and reclaimed lumber, masonry heater, composting toilets, PV, passive solar design, reused materials, permaculture landscaping, rainwater catchment.

395 Ellis Hollow Creek Road, Ithaca - NEW ADDITION!
Inspired by contemporary Northern European architecture, this home features cathedral ceilings and large windows that provide passive solar heat in winter. Other Eco-friendly features include the use of trees from the site and other local woods, and use of SIP panels for the roof with a high insulation value. Note: this is a new addition and is not on the tour map!

320 Center Street, Ithaca
Passive House principles for super-insulated very tight construction, energy-recovery ventilation, triple-pane windows, air-source heat pump, solar hot water and PV, reclaimed flooring, local lumber

220 Yaple Road, Berkshire
This energy-efficient off-grid home was built with passive-solar design using site-sourced lumber and has one of the area's first PV systems and wind turbines.

38 Brigham Road, Richford
Sloped living roof, Durisol walls with earth/straw plaster, fiberglass triple-pane windows, masonry heater, site-built large skylight, concrete-free wood floor on grade (house still under construction).

51 Freese Road, Ithaca
This 1930s house has undergone significant energy upgrades (insulation, air sealing), PV, geothermal.

119 Ed Hill Road, Freeville
A true Earthship built largely of recycled and salvaged materials, with passive solar and PV, solar hot water, geothermal, air tubes, rainwater catchment, greywater recycling, and year-round indoor food production.

700 North Wood Road, Freeville
Off-grid, collective-built environmentally sustainable community featuring straw bale, reclaimed materials, natural finishes, passive solar and PV, solar hot water, waste-oil generator.

118 Ross Road, Lansing
Built around Cornell University's 2007 Solar Decathlon home featuring PV and solar hot water, reclaimed and non-toxic materials, passive solar design, masonry heater, air-source heat pump, and more.

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