Contact Name: Sue Cosentini
Address: 521-525 N. Aurora Street, Ithaca

#1: Architect's rendition of Aurora Dwelling Circle

Contact Name(s): Todd Saddler & Laurie Konwinski
Address: 302 Cascadilla Street, Ithaca

#2: 302 Cascadilla Street

Straw-bale and timber frame home of Chuck and Andra Benson in Lansing, NY, on the Ithaca Green Building Open House Tour.
Image by Sandy Repp

#4:112 Lansingville Road, Lansing

Contact Name(s): Daryl and Suzanne Anderson
Address: 6200 Deer Run Lane, Enfield, NY 14867

#6: 6200 Deer Run Lane, Enfield

Saturday 2014 Sites

These sites will be open for public tours from 10:00am - 4:00pm SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 ONLY. Please do not visit at any other time. Click on the address to go to the site's page, with more information and photos.

#1 on map - 519-527 North Aurora Street, Ithaca
The Aurora Pocket Neighborhood is our first Pocket Neighborhood Circle project in Ithaca, New York. Pocket Neighborhoods are similar to co-housing and small lot cottage development, except smaller in scale and cooperatively owned.

#2 on map - 302 Cascadilla Street, Ithaca
This house showcases what going green can mean in an urban environment. When the house was designed, even its location within walking distance of a local grocery store was taken into account in an effort to support the homeowner's sustainable lifestyle.

#3 on map - Ithaca Children's Garden, Cass Park
Be part of the inagural Green Trail at the ICG. Tour green features which are replicable at home: a straw bale play house, rainwater cachement, a rotating chicken tractor, and an edible forest garden.

#4 on map - 112 Lansingville Road, Lansing Earth-sheltered, straw bale, timber-framed, passive solar, with Trombe wall, site-sourced wood, rammed-earth tire root cellar, living roof, solar on-demand hot water and PV, and much more.

#5 on map - 192 Griffin Road, Newfield
Double stud construction, local and reclaimed lumber, masonry heater, composting toilets, PV, passive solar design, reused materials, permaculture landscaping, rainwater catchment.

#6 on map - 6200 Deer Run Lane, Enfield
Timber frame, straw bale with grid-tied solar, salvaged hardwood flooring, efficient “under-cabinet” refrigerator and induction stove; older wind turbine and off-grid barn with PV on site.

#7 on map - 6164 Deer Run Lane, Enfield
The yurt is off-grid with solar power, nestled at Wellspring Forest Farm, a permaculture farm and homestead.

#8 on Map - Hammerstone School's Tiny Houses, 3285 Jacksonville Road, Trumansburg
One of the best ways to build green is to build small. You use fewer resources during construction, and the energy used to heat and cool a small space is much less than for a large house. Come see two very different tiny houses, "Tiny" and "Nomad," in one very cool location: Hammerstone School.

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