Contact Name: Steve Austin
Address: 110 Delaware Avenue, Ithaca

#9: 110 Delaware Avenue, Ithaca

Contact Name: Camille Doucet
Address: 30 Marsh Road, Danby

#11: 30 Marsh Road

Contact Name(s): Jules Behrens, Aelita Early, Brad and Jobeth Dingman 
Address: White Hawk Lane, Ithaca, NY 14850

#10: White Hawk Ecovillage

Contact Name: Marina Gershon
Address: 700 North Wood Road, Freeville, NY 13068

#15: 700 North Wood Road, Freeville

Contact Name: Ken & Jan Zeserson
Address: 83 Maplewood Road, Ithaca

#16: 83 Maplewood Road

Contact Name(s): Joel & Laura Wysong
Address: 2675 Agard Road, Trumansburg

# 17: 2675 Agard Road, Trumansburg

Sunday 2014 Sites

These sites will be open for public tours from 10:00am - 4:00pm SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 ONLY. Please do not visit at any other time. NOTE: White Hawk Ecovillage will be open until 2pm. Click on the address to go to the site's page, with more information and photos.

#9 on map - 110 Delaware Avenue, Ithaca
Timber-framed solar pergola / carport for charging an electric vehicle, house has solar thermal, a full permaculture garden with rainwater catchment system, and more.

# 10 on map - White Hawk Ecovillage
The homes in White Hawk EcoVillage share many green building features. In addition, the homeowners employ other sustainable lifestyle solutions that keep their homes more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

#11 on map - 30 Marsh Road
Passive and active solar (hot water & PV), SIPs, super-insulated, triple-pane windows, air-source heat pumps, local materials, reclaimed stone, clay finishes.

# 12 on map - 200 Creamery Road
This house is the home of one of the owners of Ironwood Builders, a local firm specializing in super energy efficient houses and green building. This house is a great example of combining cutting edge building techniques with a rustic and earthy aesthetic. Phase 1 is almost complete and livable. Phase 2 is a two story 1000 sqft greenhouse attached to the south side of the house.

#13 on map - 475 Snyder Hill Road

#14 395 Ellis Hollow Creek Road, Ithaca
Inspired by contemporary Northern European architecture, this home features cathedral ceilings and large windows that provide passive solar heat in winter. Other Eco-friendly features include the use of trees from the site and other local woods, and use of SIP panels for the roof with a high insulation value.

#15 on map - 700 North Wood Road, Freeville
Visit this collective of six people who are in the process of creating an experimental, sustainable, DIY home together, including straw bale and earth-bermed construction.

# 16 on map - 83 Maplewood Road
Need some inspiration to start small? This garage has been converted to an idyllic writing studio.

# 17 on map - 2675 Agard Road, Trumansburg
In this modern revival of ancient knowledge, green and solar technologies are considered very important along with Vedic principles of proper orientation, proportion, room placement, etc. to create buildings that promote health, harmony, peace, and abundance.

#18 on map - 66 Cayuga Street, Trumansburg Montessori School
This super-insulated school was built on the traditions of the one-room schoolhouse, largely with volunteer/work-trade labor

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