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To be used in: Green Buildings Survey

Minimizing water usage and using efficient appliances are two ways to make your kitchen "green"!

Green Buildings Survey


The Ithaca area has become known as a leader in green building, due largely to the work of a small community of crafts people, contractors, designers, and homeowners committed to building beautiful, healthy homes. This survey aims to document the green building materials and methods in use locally; results will serve as a resource for others who are considering including green building principles in their homes.


Please fill out as much of the survey as you can. None of your personal information will be shared without your consent.

We know this is a long survey, so feel free to fill it out partially now and come back to it when you have more time. Just be sure to "Submit" your responses (click on the button at the end of the survey) and to use the same name and address when you return. On some browsers, the responses from your previous session may not appear when you return, but they will have been sent to us.

We also hope to connect future builders and homeowners with those who have been through the green building process. Please see the end of the survey for how you can join our Registry of Green Homes and help others who wish to build green. Thanks to Mike Carpenter and the members of the Ithaca Green Building Alliance for their input and assistance.

Thanks again for your input!

Last updated June 12, 2018