A smaller conference room with seating arranged around tables.

Rooms A & C at our Education Center can be rented for meetings or educational programs.

Cabins at the Arnot Forest

Rustic cabins at the Arnot Forest

view of the Cargill Teaching Kitchen at CCE-Tompkins
Image by Sandy Repp

The Cargill Teaching Kitchen at CCE-Tompkins Education Center


4-H Acres offers a certified kitchen, meeting space, barns and more for public rental.

A number of people sit around a large square of tables, with more on a projected Zoom meeting on screen.

Room A at CCE-Tompkins in use for a staff meeting

Facility Rentals

CCE Tompkins rents several facilities for public and community use.  

These include two meeting rooms that seat 22 and 40 respectively and a commercial kitchen at our Education Center in Ithaca; a commercial kitchen, meeting rooms and outbuildings at our 4-H Acres Nature Facility on Lower Creek Road in Ithaca; and rustic cabins and a lodge that seats 100 with kitchen at Cornell's Arnot Forest site.

Plan your educational event, community program, conference, or wedding at a CCE Tompkins facility — learn more through the links below.


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Last updated February 9, 2024