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Staff committees address issues that affect staff across the association.

Staff Committees

Staff committees address issues that affect staff across the association.

Leadership Team has requested and will review proposals for plans of work for 2023 from the staff committees which are due March 31.

If you are interested in joining a staff committee, talk with your supervisor and make sure that works within your funding and time availability then reach out to the committee with your interest.

Staff Development Committee

Meets 2nd Thursday at 2pm, hybrid format. The group provides informal training and professional development opportunities for staff, they focus on morale and team building, they support the All Staff meeting coordinator in general, and provide supervisor and staff support and resources. Members are Karen Yearwood, Shelley Lester, Karim Beers and Nisha Malone. Reach out to your supervisor and then to any team member if you are interested in joining.

Safety Committee

Meets 3rd Tuesday at 2pm, hybrid format. The purpose of this committee is to establish procedures for emergency events and other safety issues at all locations of this Association. The committee reformed in 2022 as a Covid subcommittee to address those issues on timely basis, members are Kathy Maxson, Maria Christian, Shelley Lester and Karen Yearwood. The committee gives presentations at All-Staff meetings or other gatherings about safety precautions, the presence of hazardous materials in the building, where the first aid kits are located, what staff are certified in CPR, and related issues. Please contact Karen Yearwood at if interested.

Technology Needs Committee (TNT)

Meets every other Friday, 10-11am on Zoom. The Technology Needs Team (TNT) came together to discuss event registration, databases and other technology issues because everyone is using different products across the association, and they are trying to streamline these processes. Members are: Rachel Bortin, Tim Crowley, David Foote, Tom Hirasuna (Board member), Chris Kai-Jones, Graham Savio and Athena Steinkraus.  Please approach the staff member in your area if you are interested in joining. If anyone in the Environment area wants to join, we don’t have coverage in that area.Once the committee is official there will be more information forthcoming.

Volunteer Management Committee

This group emerged from a breakout room at the January 2022 All-Staff meeting.Many staff here work with volunteers and use a variety of methods to organize, manage and track them, this group wants to help streamline the volunteer management processes, more information will be forthcoming. Please contact Pete Angie at with questions about this committee.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

This committee discusses EDI issues and how they relate to staff and our organization.Their aim is to help the agency work toward what is now the first goal in our Strategic Plan, which is to Transform into a more equitable, antiracist, diverse, and inclusive organization. In 2022, they served as a work group to define the scope of work and position description for a new EDI coordinator and how this person will function in this role. Current members are: Aloja Airewele, Margaret Royall, Anna Steinkraus and Robbie Colville, if you would like to join please speak with your supervisor and send an email to Aloja at

Inactive Committees

Staff committees come and go, and the following committees could be revived if there is a need and interest.

Food Team

Food team was a group of staff from various programs who all worked with food, and who met to help spark in-house collaborations due to all the members knowing what other programs were being planned.

Green Team

For many years, this team worked to help all practices within CCE-Tompkins become more sustainable, such as its ongoing office composting program, encouraging the choice of reusable dishes at events, opting for recycled products when possible, etc.

Last updated October 23, 2023