Get the Work Done

You're almost there!  The next step is to finalize with your contractor your choices about what work you want done.  At this point, the contractor may have to submit the scope of work to NYSERDA for approval.  The approval process may take several weeks.  Once approved, you will sign a contract with your contractor and schedule the work.  

After the work is done:

  • Your contractor will perform a “test-out” to ensure that the work has not caused any air quality or health and safety issues.  
  • Once all work is completed you will sign a certificate of completion agreeing that the work on your project has been satisfactorily completed.
  • Once the certification of completion is signed, your final payment is due. 

For more details on the contractor's final tests, the certificate of completion and more, visit NYSERDA’s website.

Last updated April 12, 2020