Selecting a Contractor

Why a BPI Contractor?

In order to qualify for most financial incentives for home energy efficiency improvements, you must use a BPI-accredited contractor.  BPI stands for Building Performance Institute, a national organization that sets accepted standards for energy contractors. Home energy upgrades by BPI-accredited contractors have been proven to reduce energy usage, often by 20% or more. BPI-accredited contractors are rigorously trained in the "house-as-a-system” approach to assess and improve homes’ energy performance, comfort, and air quality.

BPI-accredited contractors also must have third-party verification to ensure their work meets quality standards. This process guarantees that the work done in your home will result in significantly reduced energy use.

Tips for Choosing a Contractor

  1. Before calling contractors, find out if you qualify for a reduced or no-cost energy assessment using our energy assessment application guide.
  2. There are many accredited contractors operating in New York. Visit contractor websites and call multiple contractors to compare services offered.
  3. Be sure the energy assessment includes a blower door test, thermal imaging scan, and combustion safety and efficiency tests.  These are standard diagnostics used by BPI-certified contractors to identify recommended improvements.
  4. When calling contractors, describe any problems you have in your house (for example, especially cold rooms, mold, high energy bills, etc.) and what you hope to get out of the energy assessment and upgrade process.  
  5. Ask if the contractor performs comprehensive home energy upgrades in-house and what services are subcontracted to other contractors.  This allows you to better understand the process and manage the work.
  6. Ask about credentials and certifications
  7. Ask what financial incentives the contractor can help you qualify for to pay for improvements
  8. Ask friends and neighbors for names of contractors they have experience with. Get references from the contractor and speak directly to former customers.

For more tips about choosing a contractor go

Visit NYSERDA’s list of Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractors).   Select your county from the map in the center of the page to view a full list of accredited local contractors operating in your area.  

Last updated April 12, 2020