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Coalition for Families

Coalition for Families

Join with parents, volunteers and agency staff members to strengthen our community for children, youth and families! Coalition for Families focuses on: creating family-centered services, enhancing collaboration between agencies, and exploring policy issues. Monthly meetings are a good way to hear about opportunities and services for families. We learn ideas for making our community a safe and supportive place to raise children.

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See below for links to watch past presentations.

Rural Outreach Program with Family and Children's Services - 04/26/2023

Promoting Social-Emotional Learning With The Child Development Council- 01/18/2023

Support for Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender Diverse Youth - 12/7/2022

2022.12.07 Support for Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender Diverse Youth

Fostering Early Literacy & Learn About The Nook! - 11/16/2022

2022.11.16 Fostering Early Literacy & Learn About The Nook!

Mothering Through Domestic Violence - 10/05/2022
2022.10.05 Mothering Through Domestic Violence

Children with Special Health Care Needs - 8/31/2022

2022.08.31 Coalition for Families: Children with Special Health Care Needs

Food Resources During the Summer - 6/23/2022

2022.06.23 Coalition for Families: Food Resources During the Summer

Early Experiences Have Big Impacts - 4/27/2022
2022.04.27 Coalition for Families, Early Experiences Have Big Impacts, with Renee Hettich, AFFCNY & Jude Rose, CCETC

Tompkins County Health Department MOMS PLUS+ - 3/30/2022

2022.03.30 Coalition for Families w/ TCHD's Moms Plus+ Community Nurse

Other past topics have included:

  • Parent Information Resource Center with Carol West, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County (3/18/10).
  • Health insurance/health care for families, with Jean Brockway, Holly Stevenson, Betty Falcao, Liz Holmes, and others (3/19/09).
  • Helping Children Exposed to Batterers: Strategies For Professionals Working With Families with Patty Tvaroha, Adult Community Educator at the Advocacy Center. This will be an opportunity to talk with fellow professionals about the long and short-term effects domestic violence has on children. We will also look at ways to promote safety and healing for children exposed to domestic violence and their non-offending parent(s) (4/17/08).
  • Social Inequality: Concentrating on Public Education, with Lisa Harris, Director of Academic Intervention for ICSD. Lisa has taught and administered in public and private education, kindergarten through graduate school in coastal Georgia, Vermont, and New York. Her core values center around equity, literacy, and all people having a place of belonging (3/20/08).
  • Affordable Housing in Ithaca and Tompkins County with Paul Mazzarella, Executive Director, Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services and Stacy Murphy, Director of Energy Services, Tompkins Community Action. Housing is a basic need for all families...and several local organizations have a long history of meeting the challenges of affordable housing. Here's the opportunity to learn about their on-going work and talk with them about how the current economy is affecting families' ability to afford adequate shelter. (2/19/08)

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