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Separation & Divorce

Each year, as many people divorce (2.3 million) as there are marriages. More than 5 million men, women, and children are affected by separation and divorce every year.

Children, as well as parents, feel the stress and confusion of separation and divorce. Many kids feel angry, sad and frustrated about their parents splitting up and are uncertain about what life will be like after divorce. Your ability to communicate successfully with your child , meet their needs for safety and support, take care of yourself, and maintain a civil relationship with your ex will be crucial in the separation and divorce process. Given the right support, your children can successfully navigate through this diffcult transition.

It is up to you and your ex to reassure them and show them that they can continue to count on their parents to provide stability and love throughout their lives.

Steps to guiding your children through separation and divorce:

  • Provide reassurance and love to your children every step of the way;
  • Help children express their feelings and grieve their loss;
  • Provide order, stability and continuity in everyday life;
  • Reassure your children that they are not responsible for the divorce;
  • Be honest, but not critical of your spouse, avoid blaming;
  • Keep your relationship with your spouse civil;
  • Treat your children's confusion or misunderstandings with patience;
  • Take care of yourself so you can help your children;
  • Get the social support children need, they may more freely express themselves with someone outside the situation;
  • Recognize anger, anxiety, depression and traumatic stress in your children

Last updated August 14, 2023