Tulips and alliums
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Tulips at Purity Point

plants at purity

Allium and zinnias at Purity Point

Volunteers planting at Purity Point
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Beautification staff and volunteers plant at Purity Point

Volunteers work at Purity Point
Image by Janine Willis

Volunteers working at Purity Point

Foxtail lilies
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Foxtail lilies

Iris bloom in June
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Iris bloom along the roadside

Purity Point

State Route 13 is a major thoroughfare, connecting the city of Ithaca to points north, including Cortland and Syracuse, and points south, including Binghamton and New York City. Where the road divides into separate lanes just north of Cascadilla St. is an extended long triangle of land planted with trees, shrubs, bulbs, roses, lilies and perennials. 

In spring, daffodils and tulips pop up in clumps and drifts, brightening the landscape with yellow and red flowers. At the tip of the point we plant cluster of Cannas, with deep bronze and varigated foliage with red, orange and yellow flowers, several tall Foxtail Lilies, and yellow Daylilies. Throughout the planting is an assortment of perennials and shrubs, including spirea, barberry, tall ornamental grasses, iris, catmint, daylilies, and helenium. 

Traditionally our focus for this planting has been large swaths of colorful zinnias, however we have begun to shift this focus in an effort to reduce damage caused by wildlife (a few groundhogs now take refuge in this garden!) and make a more self-sustaining, drought-tolerant planting. 

Last updated January 4, 2022