Rainshadow garden
Image by Janine Willis

Caladium planted at Rainshadow garden

The very small rotary at the intersection of Center St. and Plain St.
Image by Martha Gioumousis

The small rotary at Center St.and Plain St. is planted with bulbs, annuals and perennials.

Clinton st planting
Image by Janine Willis

A small triangle on Clinton St and Meadow St.

Mental Health Building garden
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Planting at Tompkins County Mental Health building in 2019

Secondary Planting Sites

Scattered around Ithaca are about 18 secondary planting sites--smaller and less obvious than the Beautification Program's primary sites.   We usually do not schedule work sessions with the Beautification Brigade at these sites, instead taking care of them with our staff and interns.

Brindley Park

Brindley Park sits on the Waterfront Trail by the Cayuga Inlet behind Island Health and Fitness. The planting between the trail and the water was renovated in 2018, and includes a variety of native and pollinator plants, thanks to sponsorship from NYSEG.

Cass Park Rink

A small planting by the entrance to the ice rink. Plants include daffodils, tall garden phlox, echinacea, and tall sedum.

Clinton St. traffic island

This site is the small traffic island at the intersection of route 13 and Clinton Street. A hot, dry site, the planting consists of drought-tolerant perennials and bulbs. Yucca creates a focal point, while Yarrow, Delosperma, Euphorbia, several varieties of sedum and Siberian iris are scattered throughout the site. Traditional and species tulips provide spring color along with daffodils.

In addition, the garden on the north corner of Meadow and Clinton Streets is planted with perennials, including iris, yucca, campanula, sedum, butterfly weed, rudbeckia and geranium. The site was long cared for by Beautification Brigade volunteer Fawn Ashcraft until 2017. The Beautification Brigade now provides periodic maintenance at this planting.

Corner Bumpouts on Seneca and Green St.

The City of Ithaca designed eight traffic corners to be bumped out—extending the corner sidewalks into the streets and narrowing the street widths. The work was done in late summer of 2015. The two intersections (four corners) on Seneca St. were designed and built as rain gardens, including a cut out in the curb and a grate overflow leading to the storm sewer system. This allows rain water to fill the garden area and overflow into the water system. They are planted with a mix of perennials, shrubs, and grasses. 

Dewitt Park Sidewalk Strip

Multiple sidewalk planting beds were added near Dewitt Park on Buffalo Street, and planted in partnership with the City Forester. Daffodils, spirea shrubs, salvia, echinacea, catmint, daylilies and perennial grasses make up a majority of the planting.

Hancock St. Small traffic island opposite Purity

This is the small traffic island across the street from Purity Point. Spirea, daylilies and daffodils are the main interest here, along with a small planting of catmint.

Plain and Center Rotary

A tiny rotary at the intersection of Plain St. and Center St. It was recently renovated due to construction, and was replanted in 2020. This planting has been adopted and cared for by neighborhood volunteer Judy Jones for many years, with support from the Community Beautification Program.

Rainshadow Garden on Aurora St.

Spirea, creeping euonymous, and perennial hellebores provide the structure of this planting. The site has evolved since its first planting, and has shifted from full sun to mostly shade. It is typically planted with shade-loving caladium in the summer.  A few perennial Rudbeckia hirta give a nod to the mural above the planting. Artist Kellie Cox painted the mural in 2013. 

Seneca Point

The point of land at the bottom of the Seneca Street hill is planted with perennials, grasses, and bulbs. Self seeded sunflowers also populate this site.

The Tompkins County Mental Health Building

Two gardens and a woodchip pathway were completed during the season in 2018, with a planting of annuals, perennials, shrubs and grasses, including ornamental boulders.  Bulbs were also planted in the fall of 2018. Maintenance by the Beautification Brigade is provided a couple of times each season.

Last updated December 30, 2021