Purity Point
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Yellow Foxtail Lilies bloom with red Canna at Purity Point.

Colorful marigolds at city hall
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Colorful marigolds at City Hall

summer planters on the Commons with Canna, petunias, sweet potato vine
Image by Janine Willis

More than 70 of these planters beautify the Commons.

More than 70 of these containers beautify the Commons
Image by Janine Willis

Commons Planters Summer 2021

Ithaca Public Plantings

Each day, hundreds of people pass the plantings maintained by the Community Beautification program, and we receive many questions about the types of plants that are growing in them. These pages will present photos and descriptions of some of the plants we grow and information about what goes into the plants we choose.


Janine Willis
Community Beautification Coordinator
(607) 272-2292

Last updated January 12, 2023