Children from Stepping Stones Preschool pose on Gaia the Turtle, the Ithaca Children's Garden mascot (2006)
Image by ICG

Ithaca Children's Garden in Cass Park, Ithaca

Cornell students at Dilmun Hill Organic Gardens from their website

Cornell students gardening at Dilmun Hill Organic Gardens

School Gardens

School gardens are a wonderful way to teach children about the importance of growing and eating fruits and vegetables. School gardens can also be used for many other lessons in math, science, social studies, history and health. Teachers and educators who are interested in starting a school garden can call us for assistance on how to get started.

School & Educational Gardens in Tompkins County

A visit to an established school or community garden can be helpful when planning your own project.

Boyton Middle School, 1601 N. Cayuga St, Ithaca The garden beds are planted with peas and salad greens. A hoop house and potting shed was built by students from a special ed./life skills class.

Brooktondale Inspirational Gardens (BIG), Brooktondale Community Center, 524 Brooktondale Road The garden is used to teach vegetable gardening skills to community members, and most of the produce from the raised beds is donated to the Caroline Food Pantry. For more information, please contact the Garden Volunteer Coordinator, Gina Inzinna,

Dewitt Middle School, 560 Warren Rd., Ithaca The wheelchair accessible greenhouse features an automatic watering system and potting tables. A habitat garden designed by 7th grade art students was built by a science class and includes small pond, patio and picnic table, birdfeeders and perennial plantings.

Dilmun Hill Student Organic Farm, Dryden Rd. Ithaca (near Judd Falls Road)
Cornell's student run organic farm which sells produce on campus. Much of the work is done by dedicated farm managers and volunteers both from Cornell and the community. Adjacent to McDaniels Nut Grove, an agroforestry research site. Contact

Dryden Elementary, 16 Union St, Dryden
The garden, named 'Ladybug Land', has one 12' x 12' garden for growing squash, one garden in the shape of a plus sign, and 23 raised beds planted with vegetables and herbs. The site also features a wooden platform for gatherings.

GIAC, Albany St. and Court St., Ithaca The garden consists of 4 raised beds constructed by LACS students of rot-resistant black locust lumber. The garden is used to grow vegetables, host after school and summer camp programs, and provides healthy snacks for participants.

Groton Schools, 400 Peru Rd, Groton This 40x40 ft. vegetable garden is gardened by 4H youth. The produce is sold at the Groton Farmer's Market.

Ithaca Children's Garden, Cass Park, Rt. 89, Ithaca An extensive 60' x 30' children's vegetable garden is tended in summer by Youth Horticultural Apprentice Program (YHAP). The site also features a prairie and habitat garden, a giant sculpture of Gaia the Turtle, a naturally built troll house, the Anarchy Zone, and other fun child-friendly features.

Ithaca College Campus Gardens, Ithaca The garden is run by the Organic Growers of Ithaca College, a student-run organisation. It is located near the maintenance department of IC and consists of deer-fenced raised beds.

Namaste Montassori, 1608 Trumansburg Rd, Ithaca Montassori school hosts a large 50' x 50' garden divided into several small plots. A strawberry patch and berries are scattered about school yard along with some fruit trees. Sugar bush in front on Rt. 96 has several mature maples boiled in makeshift sugar shack. Five-year plan for site is to be a farm school. Contact

South Hill Elementary, 520 Hudson Street, Ithaca This school orchard contains 12 dwarf apple and pear trees and is used in the curriculum by many different teachers. The annual Orchard Festival in October hosts educational booths and activities.

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