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Gardening Classes

Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County offers dozens of classes each year about horticulture, agriculture, and homesteading. Bookmark this page, and save the date for your favorite topics. Links take you to each class's Event listing on our website, where you'll find a full description of the class and live registration links.

We are committed to making all classes in our Horticulture Program Series financially accessible, so have moved to a pay-what-you-can model. Our classes are valued at $20. If you can afford to pay $20 or more, you are helping make these classes available to folks who cannot afford the full price. All registrants, regardless of payment level, will receive a video recording of the class with permission of the presenter. In person only workshops will not be recorded.

We are working on making recordings of all classes available to non-registrants for a fee. Below is a list of past recordings available this way.


**6/28/22 Garden Weed ID & Management, Zoom

**6/7/22 Unusual Fruits: Honeyberries and Hardy Kiwis Zoom

**5/24/22 Veggie Gardening 201, Zoom

**5/3/22 Glorious Ornamental Containers Zoom

**4/26/22 Veggie Gardening 101 Zoom

**4/19/22 Growing Luscious Strawberries ZOOM

**3/1/22 Home Fruit Tree Pruning: ZOOM

**10/05/2021 All About Paw Paws

**10/19/2021 Make More Plants! Fall Propagation of Native Perennials

**11/2/2021 Winterizing Your Ornamental Garden

**11/9/2021 Understanding and Preparing Your Garden Soil

**11/17/2021 Nut Trees for the Northeast

**12/14/2021 Planning Your Home Food Forest

**1/11/22 Getting to Know Your Property


Marissa Nolan
Horticulture Team Lead
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Last updated December 7, 2023