Eddy LaDue's garden

An arbor in full bloom at Eddy LaDue's garden

Perennial border

Summer flowers in bloom in the long perennial borders

Perennial borders

Lilies and other perennial flowers

Vegetable garden

Eddy and his family also grow a large vegetable garden

LaDue Garden

This three-acre property features many different themed gardens, including a lily garden, ornamental grass garden, hosta garden, prairie garden and a birdhouse garden, among others. The gardens around the house, barns and long fencelines of this country property are planted with masses of perennials and flowering shrubs. A large vegetable garden provides lots of food for the family. Eddy LaDue has created detailed maps of the plants in each garden, and these maps will be available to garden visitors at the Open Day.

NOTE: This garden was a site on the 2015 Open Days Garden Tour and is not open to the public at other times.

Last updated December 30, 2021