Hemsin House, 1143 Perry City Road
Site on 2017 Green Buildings Open House

Hemsin House

Hemsin House, interior -- 1143 Perry City Road


Hemsin House 1143 Perry City Road, site on 2017 Green Building Open House Tour

during construction

1143 Perry City Road / Hemşin House

Contact Name(s): Umit Sirt and Courtney Royal
Year Built: 2016
Area: 2,240 sqft
Architect / Designer: Ernie Bayles, Architect. Umit Sirt, Mechanical Engineer & Energy Consultant. Courtney Royal, Green Building consultant.
Builder: Umit Sirt and Courtney Royal, Builder/Owner. Michael and Kendall Carpenter, Construction Manager
Other Crew: Kent Garrison, Framing Crew; King Brothers, Concrete Specialist; Taitem Engineering, Solar PV installation.
Building Features: Zero Energy building, Energy Star-certified, LEED for Homes Platinum certification received, Indoor AirPLUS certified, and WaterSense certification pending; R-45 exterior wall insulation with double-stud wall (R-15 continuous, R-30 cavity insulation), R-60 ceiling insulation, R-16 Slab insulation. Optimum window-to-wall ratio (WWR); mini-split air-source heat pump (single head, with backup electric baseboards in bedrooms); domestic hot water (DHW) air-source heat pump; 6.9kW roof-mounted solar array; daylighting through wedged wall around windows and highly reflective surfaces and paints; Energystar appliances, Ventless heat-pump dryer, moisture control exhaust ventilation, photosensor and motion controlled exterior lighting, LED fixtures with careful designed low lighting power density in interior, advanced wall-framing, low-VOC coatings, paints, sealants and adhesives throughout; local hardwoods (new and reclaimed); stormwater management via swales that feed on-site pond; 100% post-consumer recycled paper and petroleum-free resin kitchen countertops, plug-in hybrid vehicle, measurement and verification in each end-use.

Last updated March 2, 2020