Former Renovus Energy building (2004-2015).
Image by Sandy Repp

Former home of Renovus Energy (2004-2015)

Renovus Energy


This small commercial building, completely renovated in 2004, was designed as, and is proving to be, a true zero-energy building. This means that the building generates more energy than it consumes in its day-to-day operation including the winter requirements of its heating system. To our knowledge, this is the first such commercial building in the Ithaca area with this distinction. The intent is to demonstrate that such buildings are possible and practical even in "cloudy Ithaca." The design and installation of the building's mechanical systems including the heating plant and photovoltaics was done by Renovus Energy Inc. The building's mechanical room was designed to be a showroom for demonstrating the various renewable energy technologies that make zero-energy structures possible.

Address: 102 Cherry Street, Ithaca
Type of Building: Business
Designer / Builder: Renovus / Tim Angell
Year Built: 2004
Building Features: co-generation; daylighting; grid-tied solar PV system; instantaneous hot water; passive solar; radiant floor heating; solar hot water; solar heating; recycled/salvaged materials

Last updated September 29, 2015