exterior 192 Griffin Road in Newfield

Exterior, 192 Griffin Road

masonry heater, 192 Griffin Road in Newfield

Masonry heater, 192 Griffin Road

192 Griffin Road, Newfield

This home has been open for visits while under construction on previous Green Building tours.

Contact Name(s): Michael McArthur and Sophie Alexander
Year Built: 2011-2017
Architect / Designer: Todd Saddler, designer; Cheryl Thompson, architect
Builders: homeowners, G.C.; Carpenters, Tim Reap, Timothy Angell, John Paul Jones
Building Features: grid-tied PV; composting toilets; passive solar design; permaculture landscape design; efficient lighting, fixtures and appliances planned; reused materials and fixtures; diamond shape metal shingles; all local lumber and hardwood flooring; masonry heater w/no other heating system; Superior Walls; double stud construction with blown cellulose; clay plaster and clay paint

Last updated September 28, 2017